Ophthalmologist's examination and prescription

Wearing contact lenses and lenses that are not suitable for the eyes can cause a variety of problems.

The degree of the lens is not necessary, because each person's eye surface is curved, etc.

Not the same, you must also check the matching of the lens. If the cornea and eyelids have diseases, 

dry eyes and allergies, they may wear contact lenses.Deteriorating the condition or causing other eye

diseases. In order to wear contact lensescomfortably and safely, be sure to check and prescribe by an


Regular inspection is also important

Most eye problems have almost no symptoms at an early stage, and when they start to feel itchy, it may

be that the condition is developing. Please follow the instructions of the ophthalmologist.Always check

once every 3 months.

If you feel abnormal, go to the ophthalmology immediately.

Please check your eyes for eye dirt, congestion and foreign body sensation before wearing the lens. If

you find a little abnormality, stop wearing it immediately and have it checked by an ophthalmologist.

Correct wearing time 

1 day wear time (up to 8 hours in the day) Please be sure to follow the instructions of the ophthalmologist,

taking care not to exceed the specified time.The wearing time limit (1 day, 2 weeks, etc.) set on the lens is

not the actual number of days worn, but the number of days from the date the package is opened. Even if

you follow the wearing time and wear Time limit, if abnormalities such as eyes and lenses are found, stop

wearing and immediately check with an ophthalmologist.

Correct use and care

Wearing dirty lenses can increase the risk of allergic inflammation and infection. In addition, the oxygen

permeability of the lens is also lowered, which may adversely affect the cornea.For the correct use and c

are methods, please refer to the instructions for use and the instructions provided with the product.

Lenses with breakage and defects

In case the lens is damaged, stop wearing it immediately. Even if there are no symptoms such as foreign

body sensation and pain, please check with an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.Before wearing, please

check the lens for damage and defects.Never wear a problematic lens.

Lens icing

The preservation solution placed together with the contact lens is a liquid, so it may be delivered in an icy

state in a cold region of the winter (where the temperature is below zero).Frozen lenses with thermal hydrolysis

may be deformed, so never do this. Wear natural defrosted lenses and we will exchange them if you feel any

problems, so please contact us within 3 days from the date of arrival.For the consultation of the lens quality, please

contact the inquiry window described in the instruction manual attached to each product box.

Lending of lenses

Leaving the lens has the risk of infecting other people's eyes. Please never lend.

Cannot use the lens
Some diseases and environments cannot use contact lenses and beauty. Always consult an ophthalmologist

before use and use it after confirming that there are no problems in the following items.

Eye problems and eye diseases
- Acute and subacute inflammation of the anterior eye
- Ocular infection
- Uveitis
- Corneal sensation reduction
- Abnormal eyelid
- Corneal epithelial defect
- May affect the allergic disease of the lens
- Dry eye and tear disease that can affect lens wear
- Other doctors judge that the disease is not suitable for wearing lenses
living habit
- Person who cannot follow the doctor's instructions
- People who cannot use lenses correctly
- People who cannot be checked regularly
- A person who cannot perform the necessary hygiene management for wearing a lens
- Extremely neurotic, not suitable for people who wear contact lenses
living environment
- People who are in a dry living environment for a long time
- People in an environment that other ophthalmologists judge to be unsuitable for wearing lense
- a person who is in an environment where dust, medicine, etc. easily enter the eyes

About contact lenses

Keep it clean every time you wear contact lenses. When not wearing it, be sure to soak it in a clean storage

solution and store it in a cool place.For the wearing time limit and how to use it, please follow the instructions

provided by the ophthalmologist and refer to the attached instruction manual for proper use. In case the eye

feels abnormal, stop wearing it immediately and immediately take the examination of the ophthalmologist who

visits frequently.Please take up to 8 hours of wearing time for 1 day. If you are using contact lenses for the first

time, wear them for 2-3 hours in the first 3 days. If your eyes are not uncomfortable or abnormal, you can extend

the wearing time by 1 hour per day.Be sure to take care of the lenses to keep the contact lenses clean.

About lenses with degrees

When purchasing contact lenses, be sure to check them in the ophthalmology and purchase them according to the

prescription.Be sure to receive a regular eye examination every 3-6 months. To change the type and prescription of

the lens, please do so under the guidance of an ophthalmologist.When you feel itchy, abnormal, etc., don't let it go.

It is strongly recommended that you go to the ophthalmologist who is visiting the doctor as soon as possible.

For the use and care method, please refer to the method of use and the product