Check the length of your nails

If the nail is too long, it will damage the lens, so please cut the nail short, round and smooth.

Cleaning hands

Wash your hands with soap, including your fingers, and take care not to leave moisture after rinsing.

Open blister packaging

Shake the package before unpacking

Please gently shake the package containing the enamel to check if the lens is immersed in the preservation solution.

Uncover the cover

Grasp the package and the lid, first pull the lid straight up, open it slightly and slowly open it, so that the package can

be unpacked without leaving a plastic film.

Remove the lens from the package

Extend the index finger into the preservation solution and gently pick up the finger along the curved portion of the

package and remove the lens. At this time, please be careful not to damage the lens such as nails.


Open the glass bottle

Looking for markers

Look for the arrow on the bottle and pinch the top in the direction of the arrow.

Please flip the top cover slowly and slowly.

At this time, please be careful not to use too much force to avoid peeling off the top cover.

Remove the cover

The aluminum foil portion can be completely removed by twisting from one side (left or right side).

Note: Be careful not to get your hands hurt by the metal part of the cap. If you try to force open the lid,or

try to use the wrong opening method, it may cause the glass to rupture, or the hand is injured by metal

parts, so please pay attention.

Pour half of the preservation solution

Open the lid of the new lens case and, after confirming that it is clean, pour the preservation solution in the

bottle by about half. (Please be careful not to dump the lenses together.)

Take out the lens

Pour the lens and preservation solution from the bottle into the lens case. (If it is too hard, the lens will flow out easily.

Note: If the lens is left in the bottle, pour the new preservation solution into the bottle again and pour the lens into

the box as described above.


How to wear lenses

Put on your finger

Gently place the lens on the index finger of the dominant hand. In this case, be sure to check the front and back of the lens.

Reciprocal method

The edge of the bowl is the front side, and the edge is the reverse side. When confirming the front and back, please

check the lens for any scratches or breakage.

Keep your eyes wide

Use the middle finger of the dominant hand to pull the lower eyelid down, use the middle finger of the other hand
to pull the upper eyelid up, and hold the eye up


Wearing the lens

Gently place the lens on your index finger on the pupil.


Keep the lens close to the pupil

After confirming that the lens has been placed in the correct position of the pupil, slowly close your eyes.

After wearing it, gently rub 2 or 3 times to check if the lens is offset.

Note: Please wear makeup after wearing the lens. If you feel pain or small particles of foreign body sensation

after wearing, remove the lens immediately, rinse again and wear it again.

How to take out the lens ?

Keep your eyes wide

Use the middle finger of the dominant hand to pull the lower eyelid down and use the middle finger of the

other hand to pull the upper eyelid upward.

Moving lens

In this state, use the index finger of the dominant hand to move the lens from the pupil to the lower white of the eye.

Gently pinch the moving lens with your index finger and thumb's fingertips and remove it.

Note: When the lens is dry or difficult to remove, please repeatedly blink to make a large amount of tears flow

out,or use artificial tears or soft lenses to use eye drops to confirm that the lens can be moved before removing.

Please don't sleep with your lenses. Be sure to remove the lens before falling asleep.

How to cleaning the lens

Use the palm of your hand and the index finger to "wash" the sides of the beauty for 20 to 30 times each. At

this time, the fingers should move back and forth in the same direction. A flaw like a circle will break the lens,

so be sure to move it back and forth.

Rinse the lens thoroughly with a cleaning solution.

How to keep the lens

Prepare a clean lens case

The lens case is filled with a cleaning preservation solution, and the cleaned lens is immersed therein.

Immersion disinfection

Cover the lid and immerse it for disinfection at the specified time (please read the instructions for the cleaning solution you are using

to confirm the soaking time).

Care products

MPS (Multifunctional Care Solution)

MPS is a care product that can be used to clean, rinse, and preserve lenses with just one bottle.

Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant

Hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution has strong cleaning ability and may dissolve the pigment of the eye, so please do not use it.


Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant

The hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution has a strong cleaning ability and may dissolve the pigment of the

scorpion, so do not use it.

Note: It is recommended to replace the lens case every 1 month or so. After using for up to 3 months, please

be sure to replace the new box.