Please carefully read the following exemption clauses of LA VIILENS (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). 


    1. For system outage due to network or computer failures, delay, interruption, data disappearance, damages caused by improper


    data access and other losses caused to the users by relevant services, the Company assumes no responsibility.

    2. The Company provides no guarantee that the mails sent from the Company’s website, server, domain name, etc. and their

     content do not contain computer viruses or other harmful information.

    3. For damages arising from users’ violation of the clauses or other reasons, the Company assumes no responsibility. 

    4. The Company is obliged to send an email notice to the email address of a member registered in advance upon the Company’s

    notification of members; in addition, upon distribution of items, the Company shall deliver the items to the address designated by

    the member when shopping and shall deem the delivery as fulfillment of its obligations. 

    5. In the event any dispute rises between users and other members or a third party during their using of the website, the dispute

    shall be settled by relevant users and shall not cause any trouble or loss to the Company. 

    6. Members shall change their passwords in accordance with the methods prescribed by the Company, by which the Company is


    7. Members shall change their registration information in accordance with the methods prescribed by LA VIILENS.


Payment Terms for Members

     1. As the settlement method for using the services of LA VIILENS, users may use the credit cards specified by the Company or

     WeChat to fulfill payment. 

     2. In addition, when using credit cards, users shall observe the terms of use and others prescribed separately by the issuing

     companies of the cards; moreover, the holder of the credit card used must be the corresponding user of LA VIILENS


     3. In the event that any dispute arises between users and the credit card company or other parties, the dispute shall be settled by

     the two interested parties; the Company won’t assume any responsibility.

     (Users shall observe the terms prescribed by other companies concerning payment methods, etc.)

Accepting an Order/ Delivery

    1. After a registered member’s ordering of items on LA VIILENS, LA VIILENS will inform the registered member through email that

     the order has been confirmed. 

     2. LA VIILENS will send the parcel number to the member through email after the dispatch of the parcel toward the registered

     member.  Members may track their parcel numbers via email.

     3. We are not responsible for any return or loss of the package due to incorrect or incomplete information (Please refer to



    Users are prohibited from the following behaviors when using the website:

    1. Registration of false content when registering for membership

    2. Behaviors that impede the operation of the website or may otherwise affect the website

    3. Improper use of user names and passwords 

    4. Behaviors infringing the trademark right, copyright, privacy policy or other rights of other users, third parties or the Company, or    

    behaviors likely to cause trouble, loss, damage, etc. 

    5. Unauthorized publishing, copying or forwarding of contents (articles, pictures, etc.) from the website 

Establishment of Contract

    1. The establishment of the sales contract shall be deemed informed upon the Company’s reply to the order by email.

    2. This contract is written in both Chinese and English, both versions being equally authentic. 

    In the event that the two versions become inconsistent, the Chinese version shall prevail.